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We Engineered The quit out of It 

OPTIMA Batteries can take a beating and keep pushing forward. To prove it we partnered with some of the biggest names in motorsports and showed that We Engineered the Quit Out of It.     

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 
To celebrate the 100th running of the Race to The Clouds we partnered with Tanner Foust to highlight the grit and passion of those brave enough to conquer Pikes Peak. 

Trailer Wrap 
Trailer Wrap.png


OPTIMA Unplugged
EVs are the future of motorsports and, as always, OPTIMA set the tone by hosting an off-road adventure in Johnson Valley, CA. 

OPTIMA Unleashed
The most magical place on earth for gearheads, SEMA, is an annual automotive show in Las Vegas. To stand out among the noise, we took OPTIMA outdoors and showcased all the action that would have blown the roof off the Las Vegas Convention Center. 
Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 5.24.01 PM.png

Brand E-Blasts

Boss Snowplow

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Port Washington State Bank

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